Selasa, 04 April 2017

Dewa Athena


DEWA ATHENA stands for Olumpiade Siswa, Ajang Tunjuk Kebolehan, Eksistensi, dan Kebersamaan Siswa, or we called it PORAK (pertandingan olahraga antar kelas). DEWA ATHENA was held on Saturday, 25   March, 1 April and 8 April (every Saturday). So, firstly there are 8 kind of sports here, those are :

  1. Relay race (Estafet).
  2. Badminton.
  3. Volleyball.
  4. Basketball.
  5. Soccer (actually is futsal).
  6. Dodgeball.
  7.  Gobak sodor (/).
  8. Taring tambang (/).

I will explain you the sports above one by one ^ ^.

  1. Relay race
    So there are 4 people surround the field, the first player bring a stick in the hand, and then she/he must run to the 2nd player and give the stick, and so on until the last player run to reach the finish. My class lose defeated by X-IPA-7 so we took as the second winner J.

  1. Badminton
    There is 1 kind of badminton here, that is double-player. There are boys double-player and girls double-player. For boys, my was class defeated by X-IPA-2 and took 2nd place and for the girls, my class wins ! *cheers*.

  2. Volleyball
    There are 6 players in total, so the players will give the ball to the other player using their hands, until the ball smash the competitor’s lane.

  3. Basketball.
    There are 5 players, we must throw our ball with dribbling to the ring, our class was defeated by… I forget L

  4. Soccer.
    There are 5 players, we have to kick the ball until it entered our competitor’s wicket so we got the point.

  5. Dodgeball
    This game is very interesting ! So our team must run from the ball and as you can, NEVER TOUCH THE BALL, just run, but, if our competitor throw the ball to us and we can catch the ball PERFECTLY, we win.

  6. Gobak sodor
    This game is also pretty interesting, so our team must flee from the obstacles, the obstacles are our friend.

  7. Tarik tambang.
    This game is the most interesting game (for me), we have to give our power to pull the rope and our class was defeated by X-IPA-4 because Kenny was not there at that time L.

On Saturday (1 April), after Dewa Athena we celebrated our friend’s birthday, Nia, at Sushi Tei, I was there like until… until 20.00 and then I went to my house. The next Dewa Athena will be held this Saturday (8 April), can’t wait > <.

Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

My Holiday

My Holiday. J
            At holiday I didn’t go anywhere, I just stayed at my home, my holiday started at 23rd of December, 2 days before Christmas day, even though I didn’t go anywhere, my holiday was so fun, I played my cellphone, I studied so many subjects like math, biology, chemistry and the other subjects, I was playing Cookie Run and Egg Inc, also Minecraft all day long J.                   Ah, Egg Inc. is my new game ! Egg inc. is a game where you can farm you own chickens, and put down drones to get money.
Egg Inc.
            Then, I also played to my friend’s house, we played Minecraft together and eat together too. I played to my friend’s house on Saturday, 24th December. After like 5 hours then I went to my house.For those who don’t know what is Minecraft, Minecraft is a game that you can build anything you like, having a survival (survival is when you can die and suffering searching for foods). It is so fun ! I recommend this game for you because it also has multiplayer programme, so that that means you can play with your friends.
Then, it’s 25th of December, me and my family celebrated Christmas day with eating together and went to church. I went to church at 16.00 o’clock until 20.00, I celebrated Christmas day with tukar-kado and eating together. I also went to my cousin’s house, eating together and I play computer games with my cousin.
Ah, at holiday. I always sleep like at 3 am in the morning and woke up at 12 – 1 in the noon. Next, at 28th December I go to my friend’s house again to play Minecraft, because we were having a great survival-mode game. I’m happy with my holiday because I also waiting for the New Year event ! Then the day came, me and my family celebrated it with having a BBQ, we burn corns, chickens, and many more then we ate it and, ah, I played with my friends too until 11 at night, then we went to out house then u slept at 3 in the morning.
And, I went to PVJ with my family, we ate there and my mom bought shoes, bag and skirt. Then the 2nd day we went to FCL, we just walked around from 1 pm- 5pm, my favourite place is.. Gramedia, because there are so many books, and of course they are interesting, then we went home, after we went to malls.

After that, I didn’t have much interesting activities so I just studied, preparing for 2nd  semester J.

Kamis, 15 Desember 2016


 Thomas Alva Edison.
Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, 1847, but his parents moved to Michigan in 1854 and grow there. But he only entered the school for 3 months because the teachers there considered him as a foolish student.

After that, he started to fulfill his curiousity by making a small laboratory under his house, and he started to work as a candy and newspaper seller in the train station in Detroit.

Then several years after that, there was a war that makes Edison feel to make his own newspaper named Weekly Hearld, and his newspapers sold a lot.

Then, he almost lost his hearing because the train station was so noisy, then in 1877 hi focused on founding the lamp because there was no lamp.

But you all know, it's difficult to found conductor ingredients and finally in 21 October 1879 he made a lamp that could shine 40 hours long.
The first lamp.

Then, answer these questions :

1. When Edison was born ?
A. 1555
B. 900 BC
C. 1847
D. 2003
E. Not mentioned.

2. Edison entered school for ...
A. 12 years
B. 8 years
C. 3 months
D. 1 month
E. 20 years

3. He worked as ... in ... in ...
A. Newspaper and candy seller, train conductor, Miami.
B. Candy and Balloon seller, hotel, Detroit.
C. Newspaper and balloon seller, train station, Detroit
D. Newspaper and candy seller, train station, Essex.
E. Newspaper and candy seller, train station, Detroit.

4. Edison almost lost his hearing because...
A. He is stupid
B. The train station was so noisy so he fell
C. He got an accident
D. Train station was so noisy
E. Because of the war.

5. The lamp he found could shine for..
A. 40 days
B. 40 years
C. 40 seconds
D. 40 minutes
E. 2400 minutes

Answers ; 1. C, 2. C, 3. E, 4. D, 5. E

Interesting Place

Laghi de Fusine.
Picture 1.1 : Laghi de Fusine.

Why i choose Laghi de Fusine ? Because Laghi de Fusine is considered as the lake with the clearest water in the world. It took the 2nd place.

Laghi de Fusine is located in Friuli, Italy. Actually word 'Laghi de' means 'Lake' so the world called it Lake Fusine.

Picture 1.2 Laghi de Fusine geography map.

So, Laghi de Fusine was discovered by Alonzo Pe'tit Barbaria Fusine in 1892.

Why Fusine has the clearest water ? Because this water was come from glacier (ice) that melts until the lake that you can see now, so it has no chemical such thing reactions or etc, it also has beautiful fishes, and you can feel the fresh wafer of it. But, this lake has so many algae so if you throw something such oil, the oil will disappear by tomorrow.

It happened in 1962, 3 unresponsible people tried to damage this lake by pouring oil through all parts, but the oil is disappear like about 5 months because of the algae. You can search about the algae.

Since that tragedy the government made Natural Park of the Fusine Lake.

After you read the text above, answer the questions below :

1. Phrase 'Laghi de' means ?
A. Stupidity
B. Fishes
C. Poor kid
D. The lake
E. I don't know

2. Laghi de Fusine is located in ?
A. Somalia
B. France
C. Friuli
D. Australia
E. Italy

3. The oil disappear because of it's ?
A. Sulphur
B. Algae
C. Grass
D. Fishes
E. Root of the trees

4. We can conclude the founder of the lake is ?
A. Pia twins
B. Georgebush
C. Alonzo
D. Shinta
E. No one found it.

5. Why it has clear water ?
A. Because of the fishes
B. Because of the algae
C. Because it comes from melted glaciers
D. Because it come from meltes stones
E. Don't know.

Answer : 1. D, 2. C, 3. B, 4. C, 5. C

Selasa, 08 November 2016

Tale of the Frogs

Tale of the Frogs
Once upon a time, there were 4 frogs Jack, Pia, Bob, and Martina, they wanted to go to a big city that the other frog said you can get so much money there.
Also, there was an old frog, Supimpa, he is an evil frog that just wanted to use the other as a doll to reach his purpose.

And, these 4 frogs have different behavior, Jack is greedy, Pia is impatient, Bob is big-headed but Martina is wise.

So, they all five were told by Supimpa, that in the North city, there was so many foods to be brought to their village.

So, Jack ask to his friends “Hey, do you want to know something ? Supimpa said in the North city, we can get so much foods ! Do you guys want to join me ? Come on !”
‘OMG ! Of course I want ! wait for me !” Pia said
“Ok, I want  ! Martina, do you wanna join us too ? This would be an interesting trip !” Bob said.
“Guys, why you all still believe of his sayings ? He was lying to us ! Did you all realize it ? And of course I don’t want to join, I don’t want to be bulled again, no again !”
After it all, they started to go to Loom Desert, after 5 hours trip, they haven’t found their way to that city.
“Oh c’mon, we just walk walk and walk without any direction !” said Pia.
“Oh ok, I have an idea, Jack, can you go to Bob’s shoulders and see the city ? I don’t like waiting !” said Pia again.
After they did what Pia said, then Jack said :
“Oh look ! We just need more steps to reach it ! It’s so close to our position ! The big is just like our village !”
Then after 5 hours trip, they arrive at their village.
“Huh ???!!! What’s happened ? Why we arrived to our village ? Where’s the city ? said Bob.
“OMG ! I..i….i’m sorry, maybe when I saw at the desert, I was facing to our village !” said Jack
“It’s ok, as what I said, don’t believe his sayings, again, but it’s up to you” said Martina.

So, Supimpa was killed, and they live happily.

After you read the story, answer below questions :

1. Who is the wise frog ?
A. Martina
B. Jack
C. Pia
D. Bob
E. Supimpa.

2. They have walked about ... hours from their village ?

A. 100 hours.
B. 2,67 hours.
C. 3,34 hours.
D. 5 hours.
E. 10 hours.

3. They firstly thought the size of the city is ... with their village.

A. Bigger
B. Dry
C. Clean
D. Near
E. Same

4. Why they killed Supimpa ?
A. Because they are stupid.
B. Because they hate Supimpa since long time ago.
C. Because Supimpa is stupid.
D. Because Supimpa was lying to all of them
E. Because the readers are stupid.

5. What is the name of the city ?
A. Nortth
B. Norrth
C. North
D. Viva del vivo un catumm
E. Solanum el tomatum un der un vivax

Selasa, 01 November 2016


Hello! Welcome back with me again. This time I want to present about one animal that very cool (I think). I made this presentation with my friend, Dio and don’t forget to visit his blog too at

Don’t waste our time, straight to the topic, check this out!

What is octopus?
                Octopus is a sea animal that comes from Cephalopoda class. Generally it is bilaterally symmetric, it means if it is pulled out and divided by two, it’s symmetrical same. Octopus was discovered in 988 BC. For the complete informations :
·         Kingdom : Animalia
·         Phylum : Mollusca
·         Class : Cephalopoda
·         Order : Octopoda

Octopus Protection
                When octopus felt harmed / felt something dangerous, such as predators, sharks, human or something else, it injects it’s ink to blured it’s enemy sight, so octopus can escape safely.
                When Octopus felt harmed / something dangerous, it sprays toxic to it's enemy.

Octopus’s Camouflage
1.       Under the sand
When octopus feel something weird and seems dangerous, it hides under the sand.
2.       Rock
Same like under the sand, but it hides behind or ‘hug’ the rock, so the octopus is safe.

Octopus Lifecycle
Octopuses swim 8 hours per day. Octopus usually reproduces 200.000 eggs, but the eggs that alive, like around 30%. Also not all octopuses use ink, some of them use their poison to defeat their foe. The most popular poison is Blue Ring Octopus. Fact says that 20ml of it’s poison can kill 30 mouses or around 5 humans.

Okay… that’s all from me and if you want to see a full version of our presentation, you can contact me or Dio via email to get the file. The file contain some videos that can make you amaze. I download the videos at and I edit the videos before I put them in our presentation file.
Thanks for reading, see you.

Questions :
1. As what we have mentioned above, Octopus protects itself by :
a. Hiding behind rock, ink, and explode
b. Hiding behind rocks, sprays ink, and hides under the sand
c. Ink and poison
d. Just ink
e. Hides behind rocks, sprays ink, poison and under the sand.

2. Octopus swims ... hours per day.
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 8
e. all day long

3. Octopus usually reproduces ... eggs
a. 1,000,000
b. 300,000
c. 200,000
d. 123,456
e. 100

4. What phylum is Octopus ?
a. Mollusca
b. Animalia
c. Octopoda
d. Cephalopoda
e. Carnivore

5. What kind of Octopus is the most dangerous ?
a. Purple Axa Octopus
b. Poisinous Octopus
c. Blue Ring Octopus
d. All Octopuses are poisonous
e. Blue Ring Squid

Answers :
1. C, 2. D, 3.C, 4. A, 5. C

Selasa, 04 Oktober 2016


        There will be a meeting from the OSIS leader to all managers and participants at :
                Day/ Date : 6 October 2016
                Time : 14.00
                Place : SMAN 3’s New Hall

        To all managers, please come 15 minutes before the meeting started, use white uniform, and for the participants please don't late, thank you.

Press this link to see the video check this out!