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Book Review : Sherlock Holmes.

Hi guys ! Now I got the next task : Book Review from my English teacher Mrs. Wiwin, to be honest I’m a book lover but I just don’t have enough time to read all of my books due to my all works ^^”. Now I choose Sherlock Holmes : A Study in Scarlet, that is the Pembuktian Kesimpulan part ! I love Sherlock Holmes books series because I love riddles, mysteries and stuffs like detective books. I also horror books but I think this book is my favourite all the time.

Sherlock Holmes – A Study in Scarlet is a 2009 fiction novel written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This book is about a Marines Sergeant that is also a Military Doctor, Dr. Watson, that was shot in Afghanistan. Through his pal, that fortunately Watson also needs a roommate to live together, Watson met Sherlock Holmes and this is the first part of the story.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Dr. Watson was shot when he was in Afghanistan due to the Afghanistan’s war. Since that, he was home repatriated by local governor and by all doctors to London, England. In London, he live in a hotel, at Strand Street. Once he realized he can’t live at hotel anymore due to his economy condition, so he decided to go to another place to live.

Then, he decided to relax on Criterion Bar, there, he met his old nurse when he was at Bart, Stamford. Then they talk about all things include that Watson needs a cheap place for him to stay, then Stamford say that he has friend, Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock also wants to live together with someone at his apartment so he could get cheap price. Then, Stamford describes Sherlock Holmes, that Sherlock is very smart, but sometimes he is to freaky and act weird. Sherlock also love experiments. Then without no doubt, Watson agreed.

After sometime, Holmes got a case from Louriston Gardens that was sent from his police pal, Tobias Gregson, that was found the body of Enoch J. Drebber in an empty house, after Holmes get there, he, Dr. Watson, Lestrade, Holmes’s friend that is also a detective.

First he found near the dead body a word RACHE that in Germany means ‘Revenge’, written by blood, from there, Holmes concluded that the killer’s has very long nails. Then, he found no scars around the body, it means he was killed using a poison. Then, he concluded from there that the killer is a man, 6 ft height, gold aged, using a rough Boot shoes, has small feet, and using a Trichinopoly shoes. First suggestion is from Lestrade that word RACHE means the dead man wanted to write ‘RACHEL’, but it’ wrong.

Then the 2nd day, from Gregson, Gregson said that John Rance saw this, John Rance said that he saw a drunk man enter the house, and suggest that the drunk man is the killer, but it’s wrong because it is impossible if the drunk man killed the man because he was not on his normal phase.

Finally after the long analysis, Holmes called by the judge to give his conclusion, so the killer is a horse rider, muscular man, has a redish face (because found that a small drops of blood, that in biology if someone is too energytic, or over – feel, the blood circulation will increased fast and not sustainable, so it caused bleeding from our nose), and using a Boot shoes, a horse rider that is from Salt Lake Town, as his first conclusion. Judge accept it and the case closed.

Sherlock Holmes.

Release :
This book was released by Penerbit NARASI, 2009. This book reached over 11 countries and has already translated into many languages since the first release date.

Films :
This book : Sherlock Holmes – A Study in Scarlet has been filmed since 1933 (first version wiihout no modifications and black – white version) with 1 hour 17 minutes duration. The actors and actress are :
1.      Reginald Owen – Sherlock Holmes.
2.      Alan Mowbray – Lestrade.
3.      Warburton Gamble – Dr. Watson.
4.      Anna May Wong – Mrs. Pyke.
5.      Doris Lloyd – Mrs. Murphy.
6.      June Cyde – Eileen Forrester.
 7.  Alan Dinehart - Thaddeus Merrydew.
     Film of Sherlock Holmes.

Selasa, 29 Agustus 2017

My News

CNN-Deadly Tornado Hit Several States.
Deadly tornado hit Texas on Monday, 1st May 2017. Sources said that this area is the most frequent place to be hit by hurricane especially tornadoes. Tornado hit Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Spawning tornadoes and rail devastation. First, people said that they heard grumbling sound and ringing unsustainable voice with a huge and highly – movement speed of the wind.

At least 13 were killed and dozens are hurt, and hundreds of people were gone because of this accident, sources said that most people were killed because of the big and heavy rubbles attacked them shortcut. Most of 6 of them were actually dying but because of the giant and heavy rubbles, patrols, and fire – fighters couldn’t save them so they died by time.

Tornadoes tore roofs, traffic – light, electricity were mostly broken, trees were ripped out and lots of cars were tossed around like ‘toys’. People said, they saw most houses ripped out and the foundation were broken and flew away nowhere.

Image taken night after the tragedy in Canton, Texas 19.03 local time.
Canton High School were closed for several weeks because of the electricity system, and the mayor in Canton hired firefighters for swinging and clean all parts of the roads from the giant rubbles. In Texas. 4 were killed and 49 were taken to local hospitals and clinics, because some big hospitals were closed due the disaster.

Picture of tossed car in Canton, Texas on Saturday, 7th May 2017.

Most of the devastation and rubbles are happened on Texas, the source of the tornado that ‘spawned’ deadly huge tornadoes. This tornadoes also caused floods everywhere, at least 150 roads were closed by flooding, mostly in southern Missouri, there were 136 water rescues hired to safe the survivors on Sunday.

Selasa, 15 Agustus 2017

News Review

CNN - New Zealand Earthquake Killed 65 people.

(Christchurch, New Zealand). The earthquake occurred on Tuesday, February 22, 2011, 1 p.m. local time. Hundreds are trapped in rubble and 65 people (at least) died because of this earthquake. The earthquake magnitude is 6.3 at that time, actually, 6.3 is the average when it actually touched 7.1.
It said there that the earthquake is very big, until all huge buildings were down. Most of the buildings are restaurants, hospital, and hotels, because those buildings are the biggest and the tallest size due to another buildings.

 Also, lots are streets are cracked, knocked down phone line, 13% of Christchurch’s electricity were also knocked down. All hospitals are closed, but only worked only for emergency.
20 firefighters are hired, tracking for trapped people and another survivors inside the rubbles. Also flights are closed because the government is afraid of another disaster due to disturbed electricity, signals, and many more. This earthquake killed at least 65, it means the one who can’t be caught / seen are outside from the counting.

Firefighters tasking and searching are interrupted because of the rubbles, cracked road, and the size of the cracked buildings are huge, another disturbance are knocked down electricity, and so many paralyzed survivors who can’t move their body because of the huge rubbles, also limited access of movements because all cracked bulidngs especially the rubbles are very fragile that it could be knocked down and cause more damages and it could be very dangerous.

TVNZ (TV New Zealand) said that 147 year old Christchurch cathedral spire has toppled due to the huge earthquake. Laura Campbell (one of the victim) said that she was at workd but fortunately at the bottom floor which she could safe her life earlier, she also said that she saw all windows are broken and she heard grumbling sound.

All people think that that was the worst nightmare ever, since hundreds were bleeding, all public places were closed, and many tragic moments are happened at that time, giant rubbles knocked down and damage public facility such horse ride, bicycle parking lane, and traffic light are also hit by the giant rubble.

CNN Video review :

Selasa, 08 Agustus 2017

Job CV.

New Haven, Connecticut, 8 August 2017.

Personal Details.
Name                       :   David Immanuel.
Mailing address       :   New Haven Moria Hills 17 / 05 United State 220176.
Contact number       :   0822 – 9503 – 6455.
Place, date of birth  :   Cilacap, 17 – May – 2001.
Sex                          :   Male.
Marital status          :   Single.
Religion                  :   Christian.
Nationality              :   Indonesian.

Educational details.

1.       (2016 - 2018)   =  SMA Negeri 3 Bandung.
2.        (2018 - 2024 )   = (Medical Faculty of Yale University). GPA = 3.6 (scale 1 – 4).
3.        (2027 - 2031)    = (Medical Faculty of Yale University). GPA = 3.8 (scale 1 – 4). (Specialist : Surgeon).

Job Experience and Additional skills.

I’ve worked at Jackson Memorial Hospital at Miami for 1 year, then I moved to Yale – New Haven Hospital at Connecticut, place where I live in now. I’ve met lots of patients, doctors, surgeons, and nurses, also I can work under pressure, anytime and everytime since I’ve experienced many conditions for being a surgeon. I can work with all people well and I do all my works perfectly as I can. Also I can get along with all people very well.

At Senipr Highschool, I got Gold Medal of IBO (International Biology Olympiad). I’ve passed Physiology, Mental and Skills Diagnose (PMSaD) in 2026 (a year before I graduate from my specialist faculty) and my PMSaD result = 8.6 (scale 1 – 10). I also passed in Medical Anatology, Mental, and Stamina Test (MedAMS) in 2027 and got result A+ (very well). I also got my 5 – Gold – International – Doctors in 2026. I also passed Physiology, Mental and Skills Diagnose (PMSaD) for the next decade and got result 9.1 in 2034.

All statements and informations in this CV are true and provided here by me, all in good condition and good faith.

Sincerely yours.


Moria Marina Andlaiwa Stefianie Junkins.

175, Yale South Street.

New Haven, Connecticut.

United States.
8th August 2042.

Dear Mrs. Moria ,

I obtained information from my friend  Jill Justice that is also a doctor from your head - hospital, Manchester Memorial Hospital, needs professional internist – surgeon on Monday, 6th August 2041. By this application letter, I’m ready for offer my service to Manchester Memorial Hospital for being an internist – surgeon.

I have 11 years experience for being an internist surge at Jackson Memorial Hospital Teenessee and Yale – New Haven Hospital . 
Also, I’ve met lots of patients, surgeons, doctors, and nurses. First 5 years I spent at Jacksion Memorial Hospital, there, I’ve met lots of internist patients, and I’ve done internital surgery. And after 3 months, I moved to Yale – New Haven Hospital due to my house, and I apent the rest of my life as an internist – durgeon there (until now, I’ve spent 6 years). I also can work with all people well and can get along with them well.

I would appreciated and opportunity to meet you soon and I will tell you more about myself further. You can contact me to my e – mail davidimmanuel170555@gmail.com and / or my phone 0822 – 9503 – 6455.
Your sincerely.

This is my job application video :

Selasa, 04 April 2017

Dewa Athena


DEWA ATHENA stands for Olumpiade Siswa, Ajang Tunjuk Kebolehan, Eksistensi, dan Kebersamaan Siswa, or we called it PORAK (pertandingan olahraga antar kelas). DEWA ATHENA was held on Saturday, 25   March, 1 April and 8 April (every Saturday). So, firstly there are 8 kind of sports here, those are :

  1. Relay race (Estafet).
  2. Badminton.
  3. Volleyball.
  4. Basketball.
  5. Soccer (actually is futsal).
  6. Dodgeball.
  7.  Gobak sodor (/).
  8. Taring tambang (/).

I will explain you the sports above one by one ^ ^.

  1. Relay race
    So there are 4 people surround the field, the first player bring a stick in the hand, and then she/he must run to the 2nd player and give the stick, and so on until the last player run to reach the finish. My class lose defeated by X-IPA-7 so we took as the second winner J.

  1. Badminton
    There is 1 kind of badminton here, that is double-player. There are boys double-player and girls double-player. For boys, my was class defeated by X-IPA-2 and took 2nd place and for the girls, my class wins ! *cheers*.

  2. Volleyball
    There are 6 players in total, so the players will give the ball to the other player using their hands, until the ball smash the competitor’s lane.

  3. Basketball.
    There are 5 players, we must throw our ball with dribbling to the ring, our class was defeated by… I forget L

  4. Soccer.
    There are 5 players, we have to kick the ball until it entered our competitor’s wicket so we got the point.

  5. Dodgeball
    This game is very interesting ! So our team must run from the ball and as you can, NEVER TOUCH THE BALL, just run, but, if our competitor throw the ball to us and we can catch the ball PERFECTLY, we win.

  6. Gobak sodor
    This game is also pretty interesting, so our team must flee from the obstacles, the obstacles are our friend.

  7. Tarik tambang.
    This game is the most interesting game (for me), we have to give our power to pull the rope and our class was defeated by X-IPA-4 because Kenny was not there at that time L.

On Saturday (1 April), after Dewa Athena we celebrated our friend’s birthday, Nia, at Sushi Tei, I was there like until… until 20.00 and then I went to my house. The next Dewa Athena will be held this Saturday (8 April), can’t wait > <.

Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

My Holiday

My Holiday. J
            At holiday I didn’t go anywhere, I just stayed at my home, my holiday started at 23rd of December, 2 days before Christmas day, even though I didn’t go anywhere, my holiday was so fun, I played my cellphone, I studied so many subjects like math, biology, chemistry and the other subjects, I was playing Cookie Run and Egg Inc, also Minecraft all day long J.                   Ah, Egg Inc. is my new game ! Egg inc. is a game where you can farm you own chickens, and put down drones to get money.
Egg Inc.
            Then, I also played to my friend’s house, we played Minecraft together and eat together too. I played to my friend’s house on Saturday, 24th December. After like 5 hours then I went to my house.For those who don’t know what is Minecraft, Minecraft is a game that you can build anything you like, having a survival (survival is when you can die and suffering searching for foods). It is so fun ! I recommend this game for you because it also has multiplayer programme, so that that means you can play with your friends.
Then, it’s 25th of December, me and my family celebrated Christmas day with eating together and went to church. I went to church at 16.00 o’clock until 20.00, I celebrated Christmas day with tukar-kado and eating together. I also went to my cousin’s house, eating together and I play computer games with my cousin.
Ah, at holiday. I always sleep like at 3 am in the morning and woke up at 12 – 1 in the noon. Next, at 28th December I go to my friend’s house again to play Minecraft, because we were having a great survival-mode game. I’m happy with my holiday because I also waiting for the New Year event ! Then the day came, me and my family celebrated it with having a BBQ, we burn corns, chickens, and many more then we ate it and, ah, I played with my friends too until 11 at night, then we went to out house then u slept at 3 in the morning.
And, I went to PVJ with my family, we ate there and my mom bought shoes, bag and skirt. Then the 2nd day we went to FCL, we just walked around from 1 pm- 5pm, my favourite place is.. Gramedia, because there are so many books, and of course they are interesting, then we went home, after we went to malls.

After that, I didn’t have much interesting activities so I just studied, preparing for 2nd  semester J.

Kamis, 15 Desember 2016


 Thomas Alva Edison.
Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, 1847, but his parents moved to Michigan in 1854 and grow there. But he only entered the school for 3 months because the teachers there considered him as a foolish student.

After that, he started to fulfill his curiousity by making a small laboratory under his house, and he started to work as a candy and newspaper seller in the train station in Detroit.

Then several years after that, there was a war that makes Edison feel to make his own newspaper named Weekly Hearld, and his newspapers sold a lot.

Then, he almost lost his hearing because the train station was so noisy, then in 1877 hi focused on founding the lamp because there was no lamp.

But you all know, it's difficult to found conductor ingredients and finally in 21 October 1879 he made a lamp that could shine 40 hours long.
The first lamp.

Then, answer these questions :

1. When Edison was born ?
A. 1555
B. 900 BC
C. 1847
D. 2003
E. Not mentioned.

2. Edison entered school for ...
A. 12 years
B. 8 years
C. 3 months
D. 1 month
E. 20 years

3. He worked as ... in ... in ...
A. Newspaper and candy seller, train conductor, Miami.
B. Candy and Balloon seller, hotel, Detroit.
C. Newspaper and balloon seller, train station, Detroit
D. Newspaper and candy seller, train station, Essex.
E. Newspaper and candy seller, train station, Detroit.

4. Edison almost lost his hearing because...
A. He is stupid
B. The train station was so noisy so he fell
C. He got an accident
D. Train station was so noisy
E. Because of the war.

5. The lamp he found could shine for..
A. 40 days
B. 40 years
C. 40 seconds
D. 40 minutes
E. 2400 minutes

Answers ; 1. C, 2. C, 3. E, 4. D, 5. E